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Sick in Thailand: Travel Insurance Saved My Life
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    How to Stay Fit When Traveling

    Traveling can play havoc on our personal fitness routines. After all, it’s kind of hard to keep up with that weekly gym schedule if you’re traveling somewhere they don’t have gyms. Adding to that the fact that you’ll often be quite busy site seeing, adventuring, or sampling a variety...
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    How to Avoid the Expat Gut

    If you’ve spent much time abroad, you’ve probably seen him; that humungous, bloated old expat waddling down the street. Usually wearing a sweat soaked tank top or, even more often, having forgone the shirt entirely to release his ever expanding belly from the constraints of that XXL. That’s the...
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    Medical Care in Cambodia: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Getting sick in a foreign land is a scary experience for travelers and expats alike. The minor amusement you find being lost in translation and surrounded by people speaking a strange and unusual language quickly goes out the window when you are sick and your health is jeopardy. Suddenly...
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    Top Travel Insurance Companies Compared

    Travel insurance is one of those things often overlooked by most travelers. It just seems like one more thing to make an expensive trip cost even more. While this is partly true, travel insurance is actually surprisingly affordable and might possibly save you more than money one day. One...

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